Program Overview


Explorations, Grades K–5+ immerses and engages students in rich, varied informational texts appropriate to their cognitive development with age-appropriate content. Using Explorations, students become competent readers and writers of:

  • Reports
  • Explanation
  • Persuasion
  • Recounts
  • Procedural Texts


Explorations encourages effective teaching through shared and guided reading to establish purposes for reading, make predictions and then make connections between texts.

Explorations’ instructional path in Grades K–2 follows a consistent sequence of Before Reading, During Reading, and After Reading, plus Returning to the Book. It guides in the teaching of specific text types, with quick keys provided for the easy navigation of questions, and prepares students for assessments by teaching them how to create and support with evidence, their responses to texts.

In the intermediate grades, Anchor Texts are introduced to create a solid foundation for students’ investigation of a topic. They provide a range of informational text types, clear models for writing and avenues for extending research.


Explorations Reading